Govt not agreeing to demands by farmers indicates unwillingness to resolve issues: AIKSCC

In a reply to the Centre’s letter on Monday, inviting them for another round of talks on December 30, the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) accused the Narendra Modi government of finding reasons to blame farmers in order to cover up its ‘consistent, adamant’ stand of continuing with the three agri laws.

It said that the Centre’s letter indicates that the BJP government is being clever with words and not willing to discuss the agenda proposed by protesting farmers.

“Government of India claims open mind, but adamant on laws remaining; now says success depends on no politicisation! Centre seeking to blame farmers to cover up its refusal to withdraw Acts is arrogant and shameful,” reads the letter.

AIKSCC’s letter also stated: “Like this letter, every letter talked of reforming the Acts, which was its precondition asserted ‘with open mind’. Initially it (Centre) linked farmers to Khalistanis, extremists, terrorists. Then it squarely linked farmers to Congress and opposition parties and said they were misled, a charge which continues. Then it asked for a date, pretending that farmers are not coming forward. Now that the time and agenda have been set by farmers, the GOI is talking success if there is no ‘politicisation’ and not accepting the full agenda proposed by farmers.”

AIKSCC’s letter was the Centre’s reply to a letter from farmer organisations sent to the Centre on December 26.

Farmers’ unions countered Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s “wrong assertion” that land of farmers will not go.

AIKSCC further said the farmers’ movement continues to gain strength with new forces joining dharnas every day.

“The strength at Ghazipur, Shahjahanpur has risen and on December 31, a tractor rally is scheduled to start from the Singhu border, but farmers can rethink it if some conclusion takes place about their demands at the December 30 meeting,” it stated.