Players flee as gunfight erupts outside Brazil football stadium

Brazilian footballers fled for safety after a gunfight between police and gangs erupted outside a stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Players ran out of the ground after hearing the firing. Twenty nine minutes into the second half of a B1 Serie of Carioca U-20 game between Serra Macaense and Carapebus, young footballers rushed off the field of play due to a frightening shootout.  

Video footage from the game at the Moacyrzão Stadium shows that even Carapebus goalkeeper, who was injured and lying down on the ground managed to get up and run quickly after the firing sound.

Initially, players and coaching staff could not understand what was going on before dispersing for cover as the shooting intensified. The injured goalkeeper managed to get up and limp away from the field to find protection.  

Nobody was hurt and the game did not continue. The city and country which is quite famous for their performance in football is now at risk.

In the first half of 2021 the city witnessed an average of 15 shooting a day resulting the death of almost 600 people. Citizens now even launched an app that give live updates on the shooting and number of injury and deaths happening around users.