Since 2014, hatred and anger on rise in India, BJP, RSS divided the country: Rahul Gandhi

There is growing hatred since the Bharatiya Janata Party government came to power in India, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said Sunday from the stage at the Congress’s mega rally against price rise at the Ramlila ground in Delhi.

Gandhi said people are afraid — about their future, inflation, and unemployment — and that’s turning them towards hate.

“BJP and RSS are dividing the country,” he added.

Gandhi added that Narendra Modi is still the Prime Minister thanks to the media and two businessmen.

Rahul Gandhi said Congress’ ideology can bring the country on the path of progress.

He went on to say: “I want to ask you whether price rise, hatred strengthens country… Narendra Modi and BJP are weakening the country. Congress party unites the country. We erase hatred and when hatred is erased, the country moves faster. This we have done for years. I want to tell Congress karyakarta that you can save the country. Congress ideology can bring the country on the path of progress.”

Gandhi, continuing his speech at Ramlila Maidan, said he is not afraid of the Enforcement Directorate and their questioning.

“The ED asked me to sit for 55 hrs… but I am not afraid of your [PM Modi’s] ED. Whether it is 55 hrs or five months or five years.”

“Narendra Modi’s ideology says that country should be divided and the profits from it should be shared among few businessmen.”

“Congress gave India the historical MGNREGA, but Narendra Modi government said in the Parliament that it’s an insult to poor… today, if there would not have been MGNREGA, there would have been fires in the country. We took 27 crore people out of poverty and the Narendra Modi government, in the past ten years, has pushed 23 crores into poverty. Narendra Modi is taking the country backwards. This will help Pakistan and China and not India. The more there will be hatred and fear, the more the country would weaken… in the past ten years he has weakened the country.”

Rahul Gandhi referred to the rise in the price of essential goods.

“I am not feeling good to say this but today the condition is such that even if the country wants, it won’t be able to give employment. Because these two corporate houses doesn’t give employees. It is small and medium enterprises that give employment and Narendra Modiji has broken their backbone.”

“In one way, you are being affected by unemployment and secondly, you are hit by the price rise. Narendra Modiji asks what has Congress done in seventy years? I will say this, that in seventy years, Congress has not shown such price rise to the country. And when the Opposition wants to raise the issue then Narendra Modi’s government doesn’t allow it. Whether it is farmers’ issue or the China attack…”

“We want to talk on China attack, unemployment, price rise, but we are stopped. The institutions, whether it is the media, the judiciary, or the Election Commission, are all under pressure so that way has also been stopped. So the only way we have is to go to people. So Congress will start the Bharat Jodo Yatra. I want to thank you for coming so far. This is a fight of ideology and all the Opposition parties will come together to defeat BJP and RSS,” he added.

Congress leader concluded his speech by saying that all the opposition parties will come together and defeat the BJP and RSS.