Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ilyas R Muhammed

MK Stalin; The game changer against the Hindutva regime

Mandal movement was about empowering the OBCs against the fake consolidation put forward by the upper castes in RSS. Now the All India Social Justice Federation is about preserving federalism and ensuring social justice, being both tenets destroyed during the Modi regime.

Jai Bhim: Winning and losing at the same game of political cinema

Despite being a great movie that created an actual difference in the lives of the oppressed, the politics of 'Jai Bhim', which approached state violence, is entirely different from those movies directed by Pa. Ranjith and Mari Selvaraj.
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Tamil nationalists and Dravidian parties with their `own way’ of Hindu consolidation

Unfortunately, the secular Indian nationalism by the Congress, the Hindu nationalism by the RSS, the Tamil Nationalism as put by Seeman and his circle and the Dravidian parties with bound with Indian Nationalism failed to deliver what Periyar promised. Yet Periyar will always carry the tag of being a `separatist'.      

Ganpati Chaturthi: Festival of Hinduism or Hindu nationalism?

Whenever the topic of Vinayakar Chaturthi comes up in Tamil Nadu, it is blamed for not being secular like other Hindu celebrations.
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