Sunday, February 25, 2024

Mohammed Shariff

Mohammed Shariff is a senior journalist who has earlier worked with Indian Express, Times of India, and currently works at Madhyamam.

Baba Budangiri Dargah or Dattatreya Peetha: BJP kindles communal sentiments for Ayodhya in South

Baba Budangiri Dargah or Dattatreya Peetha in Chickmagalur of Karnataka popularly referred to as Ayodhya of the South is in the news again. Recently,...

Gulf anger on Indian right-wing; Will it go beyond Twitter?

Analysts believe that gulf countries are not sincere in their current approach, rather it is just an attempt to scull the influence of Turkey's growing influence among the global Muslim community.
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Asian market takes hit as Covid 19 takes further grip over countries

Economists and Business analysts are still measuring the depth and intensity of the impact of covid 19 on the global economy.

GCC markets get hard hit as coronavirus sinks crude oil prices

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) stated that “The main feed-through into the GCC is from the hydrocarbon sector, and we have lowered our average oil price and production assumptions for 2020. Consequently, we have made some tentative downward revisions to our headline GDP growth, fiscal and current account forecasts,”
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SC ruling on the reservation could set a dangerous precedent

The Mukesh Kumar vs. Uttarakhand Government case in which Supreme Court ruled that reservation is not a fundamental right could spell well beyond normal logic and can have serious ramifications in the future, unless it is corrected at the highest court of justice. However, SC asserted that state government can promulgate an ordinance to make a reservation a fundamental right.

Anti-Muslim Violence in Delhi: When Indian mainstream media choose to misreport, international media stood with facts

Police stood as mute spectators- as usual, mainstream media choose not to show this and went behind PM’s and President Trump’s tour.
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