Saturday, March 2, 2024

Zeenia Parveen

Zeenia Parveen is a student of M.A. Politics (with specialization in International Studies), School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Footprints of Asif from Ghaziabad to Haryana

The trajectory between the two Asifs is a blueprint of the normalization of hate crimes against Muslims. Over the years, the levels of ‘shock’ have become more specific, factors of age and gender have taken precedence. If the victim is not unique by any such parameters, the hate crime passes as an ordinary ‘incident’ and not even an ‘accident’.

Cow vigilantes and socio-legal protection – a detestable saga of country

Repeat a lie so often and it becomes the truth of the day, and the truth is not debatable. The overarching narrative of ‘narrative-making’...
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Law is lockup for Muslim leaders

Zeenia Parveen A leading name against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR), and National Register of Citizens (NRC) protests, Khalid Saifi’s arrest has...