Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Prapti B Elizabeth

Prapti B Elizabeth is an individual leaning into the realisation that this life isn’t enough to do some memorable damage.

Politically, yours

Now “nice” irks me. It has come to represent people saying “violence is not the answer” to a genocide; it’s those who only post as per their brand but celebrate temples; it’s not finding the mirror when we talk about an occupation and Kashmir; ‘nice’ is social reputation, it is a performance. It is a ploy, a facade to make you “like” people and not even the right kind. 

Do celebs owe us anything?

Your money, love, devotion and trust is what made them and yes, they have abandoned you with their silence in the most digitalised genocide. If all this love can only be reciprocated in lip services of gratitude, is it really worth it?
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