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‘Another Concentration Camp’. What the hell is going on in UoH campus?

Students , activists and leaders of Hyderabad University students community are responding in social media.  



Vaikari Aryat , A Dalit student activist , Research fellow

Male police brutally grabbed, molested, tossed and beat female students and faculties alike. Female faculties were grabbed by their hair and dragged into vans. Male students were swept inside the van and were beaten without mercy. When I ran after them questioning that, police harassed me. They asked where I am from and when I told them its none of their business, they made a pass on my skin tone and threatened to teach me how to behave and tried to chase me away. They were doing the same to other students. They were rounding up stranded students and started chasing them beating.. Many of us are in health center and some are moved outside. 3 vans of students are arrested by now.

Shame on you VC for facilitating this violence against your own students!


Mehjabeen Finu Kt , A masters student.

Blocked all debit cards issued from UOH SBI Branch??!!!!
Come on Appa Rao!!
Which all method will you make possible to provoke us?! Testing our patience?!
Though Our struggle will remain democratic by all means!!

Try your level best


Sanjana Krishnan , Research fellow

A student was asked his name while getting arrested by the police.
He said, Ajmal.
The police say Oh you are Muslim, you must be arrested!

WTF! No idea where we are heading!


Ananthu Rajagopal-Asha , HCU

Yesterday: Brutal Lathicharge, 36 arrested including three professors, beaten up badly in custody.
RAF snatched our cameras, threatened with rape, groped and molested female protestors.
The Internet is cut off. Water is cut off. Messes are closed.
And today, the police chases away all media from the campus. They have guns, shields, bulletproof vests and lathis, who is violent here? No media, no internet. And no way for anyone to know what goes on in campus.
The university is a public space. How can the state not allow media in?
And all the media is reporting is of student vandalism, not the fact that ABVP students were already in with the VC, and orchestrating everything.
Media is also ignoring the article in the SCST atrocities act which states how the accused cannot return to his village (or, in this case, the university) until the courts clear it. How hypocritic of the sanghi VC and the khakhi-bhagwa police to talk of constitution and respect!


Manasi Mohan S , Research Fellow , ASA activist

Condemn the brutal attack of telangana police on us the university of hyderabad students.
They dragged and lifted the students unexpectedly with no provocation and later lathi charged and assaulted verbally and physically. Many students have scratch marks in their bodies made by a blade like a weapon.
Male policemen attacked the female students with no mercy and violated all kinds of ethics. What provoked them to this extent is still not clear.
The university now seems to be under police control. policemen are wandering all over threatening the students. this cannot be tolerated…
Moreover, they have arrested students and faculty baselessly. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of all the 36 students and two faculties arrested illegally.
We shall fight until justice is delivered.

Shafla Kuruvangadan , Research fellow 

Killer Rao, you are the one who destroyed peace in the campus
– violated the Constitution
– initiated Violence in the Campus
– called the Police into the campus
– your chamja Police brutally beaten us
– Girl students are assaulted and molested
– 36 students are arrested
– Many students are hospitalized
– stopped water supply and mess food
– cut down the internet in the campus
– Created all the Problems in the campus
You are the one Who is responsible for everything Killer VC

Thongam Bipin , ASA Leader

What is going on in university of hyderabad? It is worst than a prison house. Why is media silent?

Kuffir Nalgundwar , Ambedkarite activist.

No food in university of hyderabad messes since 24 hours.. this afternoon, when a few students started cooking near the veilvada area, they were stopped by thepolice and sunkanna and uday bhanu were picked up.. the ugly face of bharat mata. no food, no water.. could there be a more cruel violation of human rights? thousands of students are being denied food and water!! even enemies in war zones are given more consideration..shame!!
Praveenaa Thaali , Research fellow , Dalit student activist.
I am not shocked or wondered about the silence of elite national medias on the brutal attack against HCU students. ” your Idea of HCU might be, a slum or a Dalit basthi where police can enter any time beat people and even kill them. meantime state will cut power and water. we know you won’t find any scoop in this because your nasty mindset tells you.. these are deserved things for them”…….. pity on you!!!!!
Hana Ashraf , MCJ Department.
After sitting at home for ages our ‘esteemed’ VC came bac to the university.His coming was planned and executed brilliantly. All like- minded ppl were given tasks from “greeting” him to his protection! !
I’ve only heard of the police brutality..but to see it happening to ppl you know…to hear of stories of the supposed ‘upholders of law’…stories of the beating the shit out of student…students who were protesting for justice..For what is right…to hear of such stories seams surreal.
I know of female students who got hit in the stomach repeatedly..girls were getting hit not by the female police but by males who shamelessly threatened to rape them…There are students with broken bones and torn ligaments…
Close to 35 students were arrested and 2 faculty members. Their whereabouts are still unknown…
The phones of several students were confiscated and some were even broken…
Our university has fallen into an undeclared state of emergency….The small gate remaining shut and padlocked…wifi cut…mess closed…no water in the washroom. …no water to even drink…The debit cards issued by the university branch has been blocked…where is the VC going with all this? why is the VC disrupting the little normalcy that is present in the campus? that too so near the examination?
praying for the safe return of our students and faculty..
and ya there would be no mention of all this in the media!



Courtesy – Facebook 

Photo – University Community.


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