2019 Hyderabad “encounter” fake, says judicial inquiry commission

Regarding the deaths of the four accused in the rape and murder of a veterinarian in Hyderabad in 2019, the Supreme Court-appointed inquiry commission has refuted the claims of the Hyderabad police and concluded that the four accused were “deliberately fired upon by the police with an intent to cause their death.”

In its report to the Supreme Court, the Justice V S Sirpurkar Commission has recommended action against 10 police officers who accompanied the four accused to the crime scene early on December 6, 2019.

“In our considered opinion, the accused were deliberately fired upon with an intent to cause their death and with the knowledge that the firing would invariably result in the death of the deceased suspects,” read the report.

The killed were Mohammed Arif, Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, and cousins Jollu Shiva and Jollu Naveen. Chennakeshavulu and Shiva were minors at the time of the incident.

The report said that it disbelieves that the four accused assaulted the accompanying police officers by allegedly snatching their weapons and firing at them.

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