Amazon doesn’t deliver orders of Rs.6000 and more to Kerala, Be aware!


Many cases have been reported from Kerala about undelivered amazon orders for which customers already paid. On enquiry with amazon, it is confirmed that at present amazon fulfilment centers are NOT able to ship any order with value 6000/- and above to Kerala.

But adding to the chances of consumer right violation, amazon is still accepting prepaid orders from Kerala without providing any notification about the issue to the customers.

“I ordered an HP laptop on 11 march by paying rupees 19,899/- at amazon. It was shown that it will be delivered within 2-4 business days. But it wasn’t delivered and not even despatched. After 4 days, when I contacted amazon care, I was asked to cancel the order as there were some “technical issues”. And they told that for a refund, I have to again wait for 3-5 business working days. If there was an issue on orders above Rs.6000/-, why amazon accepted my order for which delivery address was provided? Where is the money that I paid gone all these days? Why I wasn’t provided any notification about the issue until I contacted them?” Asks Mohammed Jassem, who has been a frequent customer of amazon and who has been asked to “wait” for getting his money paid back.

Jaseem along with another similar customer is planning to approach consumer court against amazon.


Even though it was officially confirmed by amazon customer care about the problem with shipment to Kerala, amazon continues to accept orders for products with value Rs.6000/- and above without prior notification to the customers. While entering the address with Kerala Pincode for delivery, amazon still promises the delivery within 2-4 business days

The problem regarding shipment is provided to the customers who contact amazon when the promised delivery date is passed. Then they are asked to wait again 3-5 working days to get the refund credited to their bank accounts.

Recently there has been many cases filed in consumer court regarding the cheating that takes place in online shopping market. customers and experts in law raised serious concern over the issue as amazon is collecting and holding the large amount of public money for 7-10 days, by giving false dates and without giving prior notification



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