Anti-Muslim pogrom continues as 60 year-old Muslim beaten to death by Hindutva mob today in Delhi

Ayyub Ansari’s son Salman. Photo: Ayisha Nourin

Ayisha Nourin

“I don’t have anyone rather than my father,” Salman was crying outside the mortuary doors of GTB hospital, New Delhi.

Salman’s father, Ayyoob Ansari, 60-year-old was brutally beaten to death by a Hindutva mob on Friday morning in Shiv Vihar, northeast Delhi.

“A mob came home and asked his name yesterday. And even before beating him today another group of Hindutva goons ensured it again by asking his name,” 18-year-old Salman told Maktoob.

Ayyoob Ansari was working as a plastic vendor to run his family where he and his son are alone.

Ansari left home today at 4am for the job. But didn’t reach back home as he left today.

“My father stepped out today at 4 am but after some time two men brought him on a scooter saying he had been thrashed. He was bleeding. He had injuries on head and leg,” Salman is shivering while narrating the trauma and horror he faced.

“They asked me for taking care of him. But his condition was very bad and I was completely helpless,” Salman added.

Ansari was brought to the GTB hospital and succumbed to injuries during treatment, said Salman.

Doctors in GTB hospital confirmed his death at 12:30 pm.

A total of 43 people have killed so far while more than 200 have been injured after anti-Muslim violence broke out in the northeast part of the National Capital on Monday.

The violence has created a situation of trepidation. Many Muslims living in the affected areas have fled their homes since the first day of the violence.

Ayisha Nourin studies MA Media Governance at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

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