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Ashok Chavan said to Ramesh Chennithala a day before joining BJP: ‘I have no choice; it’s either BJP or jail,’ reveals Congress MLA

Ashok Chavan and Ramesh Chennithala

In a startling revelation at an election rally in Kerala, PC Vishnunath, Member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, alleged that Ashok Chavan, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was threatened with imprisonment by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) before his defection, as conveyed by Chavan himself to senior Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala.

Vishnunath disclosed that Chennithala confided in him about a phone call received from Chavan just a day before the latter joined the BJP. According to Vishnunath, Chennithala recounted Chavan’s emotional plea, wherein Chavan purportedly expressed fear of incarceration if he did not switch allegiance to the BJP.

“When I informed Chennithala about Chavan’s decision to join the BJP, he disclosed to me the distressing phone call he received,” Vishnunath stated, quoting Chennithala. “Chennithala recounted how Chavan, in a state of despair, confessed his imminent move to the BJP, citing the looming threat of jail time.”

“I will be joining the BJP; otherwise, my destination will be jail. Forgive me, I have no way,” Chavan reportedly said to Chennithala during the conversation.

Ashok Chavan, a two-time Chief Minister of Maharashtra, resigned from the Congress party last month and subsequently joined the BJP in an event attended by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and State Unit President Chandrakant Bawankule.


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