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Conversion row: Mob vandalises another church, attacks police in Chhattisgarh

A church was vandalised and a senior policeman was attacked and injured during a protest by a group of tribals in Chhattisgarh’s Narayanpur city on Monday, police told PTI.

According to reports, the violence took place after a group of Adivasis held a protest against illegal religious conversion in the district’s Edka village. The demonstration took place a day after a clash between two groups of Adivasis left eight persons injured.

Visuals on social media showed a police officer, District Superintendent of Police Sadanand Kumar, having sustained an injury on his head.

Kumar told reporters that a group of demonstrators reached the Vishwa Dipti Christian School on Monday and attempted to charge towards a church located on the premises.

A video shared on Twitter by Hindutva Watch, an independent research initiative to monitor the reports of attacks on the members of minority and marginalised communities for their faith by the radicalised Hindus and the Hindutva militia groups in India, shows the status of Jesus Christ and Holy Mary being vandalised by the mob.

Maktoob couldn’t independently verify the authenticity of the video.

A report by a Christian group claimed that from December 9, 2022, until December 18, 2022, there were a series of attacks in about 18 villages in Narayanpur and 15 villages in Kondagaon displacing about 1,000 Christian Adivasis from their own villages.


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