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Declaring India secular state a ‘constitutional mistake’: Hindu priests at Prayagraj Sammelan

More than a month after genocidal calls were given at the Haridwar Hindu parliament, the core committee of the Haridwar Dharam Sansad held a “Sant Sammelan” in Prayagraj on Friday where the speakers again made hate speeches against Muslims and demanded to declare India “Hindu Rashtra”.

Swami Swaroop Anand, who had also made hate speeches at Haridwar Dharam Sansad, said that they have passed a resolution at the event, demanding the release of Yati Narsinganand and Jitendra Tiyagi. Both were arrested in the Haridwar hate speech case and are languishing in Uttarakhand jail.

“Our third demand is that if our religious warriors (Yati Narsinganand and Jitendra Tyagi) were not released within a week, this campaign will get aggressive. Not just aggressive, the result of it will be horrible. Maybe, the incarceration of these two warriors will cause us to do what Bhagat Singh did to the Assembly (bombing),” said Swaroop talking to the reporters about the event.

He was referring to the incident of bombing the Central Legislative Assembly in 1929 by the freedom fighter during British rule.

Anand further said: “Such Dharam Sansad will be held in villages… This country does not belong to the administration’s father. The Dharmachari of this country has been running and giving direction to run this country. They will continue to run it.”

Talking about the resolutions passed at the Praygraj event, he said they have passed three resolutions. The first proposal was that they declared India Hindu Rashtra and directed the Prime Minister to do the same. He called the declaration of India as a secular state “a constitutional mistake” and asked the PM to correct this “constitutional mistake.”

They have also asked Hindus to write India as Hindu Rashtra.

Another proposal is to tighten the anti-conversion law seeking the death penalty for anyone who converts people.

Apart from these proposals, video clips of some of the events have surfaced in which the speakers can be seen giving provocative speeches.

“After acquiring teachings from our God and Goddesses, we should be armed with weapons and stop anti-national activities wherever it is promoted. If they don’t stop, shoot them,” a priest can be seen making genocidal speeches.

The speaker urged Hindus to give birth to more children and hand them over to these priests to take care of them. He also called AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi ‘dong’ for his speeches.

Another priest said that they should demand to wipe off all those Islamic institutions from where fatwas are issued.

Islamic seminaries from Deoband and  Bareilly are the two prominent institutions that he asked the Hindu monks to target.

Apart from these hate speeches, Sumeru Peethadheeshwar Jagadguru Swami Narendranand Saraswati, who was the chief guest at the sammelan, made Islamopbhobic speeches calling upon the government to adopt China’s policy against Islam.

“Islamic jihad is a big threat to humanity and the world. To crush it, the policy of China will have to be adopted and it can be stopped by imposing sanctions as China has done. ‘Sanatani’ is the target of everyone and for this, it is necessary that the system of equal education and equal justice is implemented in the country,” Saraswati said.  

Waquar Hasan
Waquar Hasan
Waquar Hasan is freelance journalist based in New Delhi.

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