Sunday, December 3, 2023

Delhi pogrom: Hindu mob burned my shop which had goods worth Rs 1 crore, says Muslim businessman

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“The shop had goods worth Rs 1 crore. I am not even accounting for the cost of this property,” Haji Ajmeri told Maktoob.

In Mustafabad, two-storey shoe shop of Haji Ajmeri stands gutted.

43 years old Haji Ajmeri stands inside the shop, looking at the now gutted property. Once a roaring business, a shoe factory called ‘Fazil Good house’, was burnt on February 25. 

Ajmeri and his four employees were in the shop when it was attacked on February 25 in anti-Muslim violence that erupted in northeast-Delhi.

They ran for their lives. The Hindu mob looted and torched the shop.

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