Wednesday, December 6, 2023

First visuals of labourers trapped in Uttarakhand tunnel for 10 days

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After ten days of a challenging rescue operation, workers stuck in a tunnel in Uttarakhand were spotted this morning for the first time, captured by a camera inserted through a pipe.

Last night, a six-inch pipe was used to insert an endoscopic camera into the tunnel, passing through the rubble. This was done to deliver food to the 41 workers who have been trapped since a section of the tunnel collapsed on November 12.

In the footage, the workers, donned in hard hats and work attire, were observed waving to the camera, signaling their resilience amid challenging conditions. Rescue officials, communicating with the workers via Walkie Talkies or radio handsets, were urging them to step forward and be visible on camera.

After 10 days, the workers stuck in the rescue operation enjoyed their first hot meal – khichdi delivered in glass bottles through the pipe last night. Until then, they had sustained themselves on dry fruits and water.

Colonel Deepak Patil, overseeing the rescue operations, mentioned that mobile phones and chargers would be dispatched to the workers shortly through the pipe.

Throughout the last week, rescue efforts faced repeated setbacks due to challenges such as the topography and the rock formations in the area. Additionally, landslides impeded progress last week.

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