Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Gulfisha Fathima completes four years in jail

Gulfisha Fatima, a Muslim activist from Seelampur in Northeast Delhi, on 9 April, 2024, completed four years in jail in connection with Delhi pogrom cases under draconian UAPA.

She is among dozens of anti-CAA protesters booked under terror charges for an alleged conspiracy behind the violence that broke out in February 2020 that led to 54 deaths, mostly Muslims.

“An Urdu Masters student of Delhi University, an MBA graduate, a radio jockey — Gul who belongs to Seelampur area of North East Delhi, was a part of the peaceful and vibrant anti-CAA-NPR-NRC movement… It was the energy and beauty of the movement that facilitated and produced the leadership of young local women leaders like Gulfisha. She was not affiliated with any student group/political party or had any earlier experiences of engaging and organising protests. She learned and emerged organically as the movement progressed and strengthened, overcoming many vulnerabilities and building new solidarities across different communities, to become a powerful voice of collective assertion and democratic resistance,” read a solidarity statement released on second anniversary of her incarceration.

One year ago, Maktoob’s Shaheen Abdulla spoke to her father Tasneef Hussain.

“Don’t we all have a duty to stand up against the wrongdoing? She is a brave girl. We are proud of her,” he told Maktoob.



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