Friday, March 1, 2024

Hijab ban to be lifted in Karnataka, says CM Siddaramaiah: “You can wear Hijab and go”

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday said that his government will withdraw the ban on hijab. The ban was first imposed by the BJP government in the state’s educational institutions in 2022.

In a post on X, Siddaramaiah said a direction has been given to the officials in this regard. He tweeted in Kannada, “I have told (officials) to withdraw the hijab ban.”

The Congress veteran also accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of “dividing people and dividing society on the basis of clothes, dress, caste.”

Speaking at an event recently, CM said, “We will take back that decision, there is no hijab ban now. Women can go out wearing hijab. I have told the officials to take back the order (previous govt order).”

“Dressing and eating food is our choice, why should I object? Wear whatever dress you want, eat whatever you want, why should I care. We should not do politics to get votes, we don’t do that,” Siddaramaiah was quoted by ANI as saying.


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