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Hindu mob vandalises Catholic school in Telangana, FIR filed against school, no cases against mob

A Hindutva group shouting Jai Shri Ram has vandalised a Catholic school and assaulted a priest in Telangana’s Mancherial district on 16 April.

The saffron mob vandalised St. Mother Teresa English Medium School in Kannepally village, breaking glass windows and flower pots and pelting stones on the statue of St. Mother Teresa at the main gates.

The mob also attacked Father Jaimon Joseph, the school manager.

“Some of them slapped and threw punches at me while others attacked me from behind,” UCA news quoted the priest who is a member of the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (MCBS), as saying.

The Hindu mob accused the school management of not permitting Hindu students to wear their religious costumes, an allegation that was described as misleading, according to the school authorities.

Earlier, the students who wore religious costumes informed the school principal that it was part of a 21-day special religious observance, he said. The principal said he merely asked them to bring their parents to school to know more.

Meanwhile, one of the students uploaded a video accusing the principal and the priest of refusing to allow Hindu students to wear religious dress.

Soon, the video footage circulated on social media with hate messages against Christians. Following this, hundreds of Hindus reached the school and vandalized it, the priest said.

The school management has lodged a complaint with local police, but no arrests have been made yet. Instead, the police have gone ahead and registered a case against the school management for hurting religious sentiments.


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