“I hate you Indian.” Indian American women targeted by Mexican-American woman

Four Indian-American women have been racially abused and smacked by a Mexican-American woman in the US state of Texas. The woman hurled racist slurs at them that they are “ruining” America and should “go back to India”.

The incident took place on Wednesday night in a parking lot in Dallas, Texas, according to PTI.

The woman, who has now been arrested, is seen in the video identifying herself as a Mexican-American and assaulting a group of Indian-Americans.

“I hate you Indian. All these Indians come to America because they want a better life,” Esmeralda Upton is seen saying in the video. “You Indians are everywhere,” she adds.

The video shows Upton using racial slurs, and at one point physically smacking at least two of the Indian women.

Plano Police Detectives arrested Esmeralda Upton of Plano on Thursday afternoon. She has been charged with assault, bodily injury, and terroristic threats and is being held on a total bond amount of USD 10,000.