Sunday, December 3, 2023

Institutionalising inequality would take India nowhere: Arundhati Roy

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The shore of Kozhikode in Kerala witnessed an illustrious session ‘Fiction is Truth’ in which the prominent Indian English writer, Arundhati Roy voiced her views on the politics in fiction and the current socio-political conditions of India.

On Saturday, In the 4th edition of Kerala Literature Festival, Sohini Ghose who shared the dais with Arundhati Roy asked her about the politics in Roy’s non-fiction works.

Writer Arundhati Roy marked her strong objection towards Gandhi’s views on cast and reservation claiming that, “Gandhi cannot be called Mahatma.”

Roy cited the student unrest in Ghana that ended with the removal of a statue of Gandhi from a university campus and his association with the elite class in Durban.

“India is in grave danger even if the BJP doesn’t win the next election, as all institutions have been morally or economically compromised” writer said.

She refused to be called an activist as “it is the job of a writer to do whatever I have been doing”. 

“I am a teller of stories. My job is to annoy everyone,” she said.

“Fiction is like creating a universe and it is timeless,” she was quoted as saying.

She strongly criticised that truth is getting distorted in the current political scenario of India and also added that every institution in the country is mentally corrupted. India would never ever reach anywhere if keep institutionalising inequality, she noted

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