Karnataka: 2 Dalits killed for drinking water from same jar as upper castes; 3 caste-Hindu men held

Karnataka Police have arrested three upper-caste Hindu men, including two rowdy-sheeters, for the double murder of two Dalit youths in Rajankunte on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

Two youths were killed by the accused for drinking water from the same jar as upper castes at a hotel in Hesaraghatta a few days ago.

Bharath Gowda and Nishanth, both in their twenties and residents of Hesaraghatta, along with their associate Vinay, also in his twenties and from Doddaballapur, were arrested by the police.

“We have secured the accused and investigation is on as to what led to the murders,” a senior police official said.

According to the complaint, which has been obtained by The Hindu, the accused arrived in a car and purposely struck the bike on which Gopala, Nagaraja, and Ramaiah were riding. All three individuals were laborers belonging to the SC community. The bike was flung about 50 meters in the air before crashing down. Nagaraja and Ramaiah lost their lives on the spot, while Gopala is currently in critical condition at the hospital.

The complainant, who is a relative of the deceased, said that 20 days before the incident, Nagaraja had been eating at a restaurant in Hesaraghatta. While drinking water from a jug, the accused Bharath Gowda allegedly used a caste slur and questioned how Nagaraja could drink from the same jug as them. The complainant further stated that Nagaraja had confided in him that Bharath had threatened to kill him as soon as the elections were over.


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