Sunday, December 3, 2023

Kranti Sena’s conclave in UP demands sterilisation system to curb Muslim population in India

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Illustration: Faheem PT

The speeches during the Hindu militant group Kranti Sena’s first activist convention on 1 June in Muzaffarnagar, in Uttar Pradesh, were filled with misinformation and hate speech targeting Muslims.

The Hindutva leaders even demanded a “sterilisation system … to curb the explosively growing Muslim population in the country,” The Caravan reported.

The “crores of Bangladeshi Rohingya infiltrators who have entered the country illegally … be driven out,” Kranti Sena leaders said.

Close to five hundred people participated in this convention and around a fourth of whom were women.

The Kranti Sena was established in 2020 and its president, Lalit Mohan Sharma, was earlier associated with the Shiv Sena, and was the president of the party’s western Uttar Pradesh committee, according to The Caravan.

During his speech, Rajesh Kashyap, the district general secretary of Kranti Sena’s Muzaffarnagar chapter, claimed that Hindus were producing fewer children than Muslims. “Now we are safe because all are Hindus in administrative service but tomorrow, when our population decreases and if the number of Muslims increases, we will not be safe,” he said. “A population control law be enacted,” Kashyap demanded.

Another speaker, Sajeev Shankar, a priest from Rajashthan claimed that the Sena was necessary to protect Hindu temples. “Today, even when so many Hindutvadi organisations are active, our temples are being demolished but no one speaks up. And not speaking is becoming fatal for us,” he said.

Shankar heads a sect of worshippers of the Hindu diety Ghatushyam, The Caravan reported.

He also talked about a proposed event by Kranti Sena, Trishul Yatra, where it planned to lead marches bearing tridents. The Uttar Pradesh government had refused permission for the event. “Whether the Trishul Yatra goes out or not, every youth should have a trident,” Shankar said.

A pamphlet issued during the conclave claimed that there were, at present, three and a half crore Bangladeshi and Rohingya “infiltrators and illegal people” in India, “who are a threat to India’s internal and external security.”

According to the pamphlet, “pseudo-secularism is the biggest enemy of the Hindu community.” 

Last months, several Hindutva leaders, lawmakers, and Hindu monks, had addressed Hindu Parliaments or ‘Dharam Sansads’ in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Chattisgarh, and New Delhi had incited anti-Muslim violence after the saffron men and women called for the “genocide” of India’s Muslims.

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