Saturday, December 9, 2023

Kuki body urges Manipur CM to stop sabre-rattling, reflect on Kuki’s call for total separation

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The Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU) Sadar Hills strongly rebutted the outburst of Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh during the observance of Kargil Diwas. The CoTU advised the Chief Minister to stop with his sabre-rattling remarks and instead do some introspection as to why the Kuki-Zo community had to be forced to clamor for total political and geographical separation from Manipur.

The CoTU said that N. Biren Singh should be made to face a trial for all his crimes against humanity, and punished as per the laws of the land.

“It is him [Biren Singh] entirely to blame for the separation and none else”, read a CoTU statement.

Biren Singh’s outburst during the observance of Kargil Diwas clearly testified that he has gone schizophrenic and senile, and he is no longer fit to be at the helm of the state’s affairs, the tribal body said.

“Biren Singh should have known better that it was not the Kuki-Zo community who were demanding political separation but the situation was forced upon us wherein it became impossible for us to live together with the Meitei as he and his cronies had unleashed one of the most savage and brutal attacks on us with innocent people being butchered in broad daylight, women were raped and molested with Meira Paibis inciting the men folks to commit such horrendous crime, thousands of houses raged down and vandalized,” read the statement.

Innocent studying in Imphal were pulled out of their rental houses and brutally murdered under the watchful eyes of him [Biren Singh] and his Meitei police forces, the CoTU said.

The open involvement of Meitei police personnel and officers in the burning and ravaging of Kuki-Zo localities in Imphal and those villages located in the periphery of Imphal was even more disturbing was, the CoTU alleged.

“When even Ministers, MLAs and top bureaucrats including top-ranking police officers with full-proof security are no longer safe in Imphal valley, what impressed Biren that the Kuki-Zo communities to ever return to Imphal valley,” read the CoTU statement.

It was after the arrival of an imbecile and zingoistic CM in the form of N. Biren Singh who made the lives of the Kuki-Zo communities a living hell since the fateful evening of May 3, the Kuki-Zo people decided to up the ante with total separation from the Meiteis, politically and geographically, the tribal group further said.

The CoTu went on to say: “How can we live with a community whose intent is the total annihilation of our people which can be substantiated by the fact that armed militias, viz. Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun were formed with one objective that is, the annihilation of the Kuki-Zo communities and whose lynchpin was N Biren Singh and the titular king of Imphal valley Leishemba Sanajaoba.”

“Imagine how a handful of the mob could just walk into IRB/MR battalions with hundreds of fully armed soldiers and walk away with thousands of weapons. Not an iota of resistance was seen in all the battalion headquarters where arms and ammunition were supposedly looted while all these weapons were used in the killing of our people and the burning of our villages and homes,” it stated.

The statement read: “The ingrate Chief Minister N Biren Singh should have been grateful to the Kuki-Zo communities who had significantly contributed in his first innings as the CM as when there was an attempt to unseat him in 2019, it was three Kuki-Zo MLAs, namely, Ngamthang Haokip, Ginsuanhau, and Yamthong Haokip who came to salvage his chair. In the 2022 election, it was the same community who voted overwhelmingly for the Biren-led BJP government with 10 out of 10 while it should also be noted that Letpao Haokip, who was the sitting Minister of Chandel AC who had to vacate his assembly constituency in favor of his concubine SS Olish who got elected with an overwhelming majority because the Kuki-Zo communities voted for her en masse. Instead of being grateful he chose to annihilate us.”

“The viral video where two of our women folks were subjected to the worst humiliation ever known in the history of mankind came as no surprise because what does one expect when we have a sadistic CM with the audacity of having an immoral affair with the very sister of his concubine?”

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