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Madhya Pradesh: Tribal man stripped and assaulted, two arrested after video goes viral

The Madhya Pradesh Police has arrested two men after a video showing an Adivasi man being brutally beaten up in the Betul district was widely shared on social media.

The incident took place on November 16 last year. However, the complainant approached the police only on Tuesday after the video started making rounds on social media.

The complainant said that he did not approach the police at the time as he feared that the men would also attack his family.

In the video, the Adivasi man is seen hanging upside down from the ceiling after being stripped naked while some men assault him with belts and sticks.

The Adivasi man runs a food stall. In the compliant, he alleged that the accused men were trying to extort money from him.

The complainant said that on 16 November, his friend Rinkesh Chouhan took him to the house of a man identified as Sohrab, who was present there with at least five other men.

“They threatened me and took off all my clothes. After this, I was hung from the ceiling. They kept beating me with belts and sticks for a long time,” the complainant was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

“They had a gun, and I heard they one of them has also committed a murder, which is why I did not tell anyone. When the video went viral, I informed my elder brother that this had happened to me a few months ago,” he told the news channel.


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