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My brother attacked, father’s shop targeted for fighting hijab ban: Muslim student in Karnataka

One of the petitioners in the case against hijab ban in the Karnataka High Court, Hazra Shifa, has said that a Hindu mob attacked her brother, and her father’s business were targeted by saffron group.

“My brother was brutally attacked by a mob. Just because I continue to stand for my hijab which is my right. Our property was ruined as well. Why?? Can’t I demand my right? Who will be their next victim? I demand action to be taken against the Sangh Parivar goons,” Shifa tweeted.

Visuals showed window glasses of the family-run restaurant in nearby Malpe was broken in the incident on Monday night.

Shifa also said her 20-year-old brother — Saif — is admitted to Hitech Hospital, Udupi.

A case under unlawful assembly has been registered at the Malpe police station, PTI reported.

“I appreciate that case has been filed against the assaulters of my brother Saif but I demand that they are held accountable and be arrested at any cost immediately,” Shifa tweeted tagging Udupi Police and Karnataka DGP.

Since the last month, Muslim students in Karnataka have been protesting for their right to wear the hijab. On February 5, the Karnataka government had passed an order banning clothes that “disturb equality, integrity and public order.”

Muslim students in Karnataka have been protesting the ban on hijab in educational institutions, saying the Islamophobic move of Karnataka government violates their religious freedom guaranteed under India’s constitution.

On February 10, a three-judge bench of the High Court barred the students in Karnataka from wearing “religious clothes” in schools and colleges until further orders. The Karnataka High Court Special Bench is hearing the Hijab case on a daily basis.

Muslim students, activists and Opposition leaders across country allege that these attacks on Muslim symbols and practices are part of the larger Hindutva agenda of imposing majoritarian values on country’s 200 million Muslims.


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