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Neighbour targets only Muslim family in Bihar village, Police refuse to probe

“Wo Kehte Hai Apni Zameen De de Nahi To Maara Jayega, akela ghar hai kya kar lega kaun khuda aa kar kuch ukhar lega (They said ‘Give up your land, or you’ll be killed. A lonely house here, what can he do? Which God will come to save you),” laments Jabir Khan, an elderly Muslim man in peril due to months of religious discrimination and death threats by his neighbour.

Ram Sehni with his brother, allegedly attempted to set the 68-year-old Khan’s house on fire in Ward Number 7 of Bhagirathpur village, located within the jurisdiction of Kalyanpur police station in Bhiar’s Samastipur district.

This incident occurred on August 21 and despite the passage of two months, neither action has been taken nor FIR has been filed despite multiple complaints.

A written complaint regarding this incident, accessed by Maktoob, was submitted to the then-station head Gautam Kumar and the current station head Rajan Kumar.

“This dispute had been ongoing for six months. The neighbour had forcefully taken possession of 10 decimal land and built a house on it. Now they also wanted to encroach on our remaining land. He has even threatened us to give up the remaining land. When we refused to give up the land, on August 21, they set our house on fire,” Khan broke into tears as he shared his ordeal.

“On the same day the incident happened, I wrote an application to the police station, but no action has yet been taken. My five sons, four daughters, and my wife live together in that house. When the incident happened two of my sons were asleep inside. Anything could have happened. But police have not acted, labelling it as a land dispute.”

In Bhagirathpur village, there are 40 Muslim households, with Jabir’s house being the only one in his area. The victim’s family still lives in fear, facing threats and intimidation.

“Only I know how I manage my family expenses. I am a poor man with a total of 11 family members and only one of my sons is employed,” Khan explained.

“I can’t give my land to them; I have to arrange my daughter’s marriage.”

They have been seeking justice from the local authorities, from the police station to higher officials, but no one has paid attention to their plea.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), but so far, no action has been taken. The neighbour who attempted to harm Khan’s family constantly threatens him and targets him because of his Muslim identity and religion, Khan explained.

They say, “Kaun khuda aa kar kuch ukhar lega, miyaa hai isko maro.”

“Jabir Khan has never come to us and he knows nothing about this case,” Senior Head Constable (SHO) of the Kalyanpur Police Station stated before he hung up in anger.

However, Khan claims that he submitted a written application once and appealed three times via phone to the police officers to file an FIR.


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