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New Delhi’s rapper MC Kode missing after death threats by Hindu fringe groups

Hip-hop artist and seasoned battle rapper MC Kode aka Aditya Tiwari has allegedly gone missing from New Delhi on Wednesday following the cyber-bullying and death threats by Hindu extremists.

The rapper has been the subject of a city-wide search in New Delhi following a story shared on his Instagram profile on Wednesday night in which he said he was standing on an “isolated bridge overlooking the Yamuna river.”

“I do not blame anyone for anything but myself. A relief from my own existence is gonna serve as a punishment that the entire country wanted,” he wrote on Instagram.

A statement put out by friends and members of the New Delhi hip-hop community, who are currently looking for him with help from police, says, “He has been targeted by mobs and other angry individuals wanting to hunt him down and has had a bounty placed on him by extremist groups instead of following due legal process. Please do help find him using appropriate channels and mobilization.”

MC Kode has been receiving a barrage of death threats over the last week for statements uttered during a rap battle in 2016. Pro Hindutva media outlets reported that in the rap battle performed five years ago, Kode made explicit remarks that is said to have hurt religious sentiments of Hindus.

Following the hatred campaign and death threats, Kode acknowledged his “fault” and uploaded an apology letter on his Instagram account on May 27.

He said: “I’ve angered a lot of people and that anger is understood and I deeply regret my actions…Currently all my details have been leaked including my address and there is a mass movement of people calling for a mob lynch of me and my family…Also local goons have placed a price on my head too. I am deeply sorry and I request you to please forgive me and spare me and the people associated to me their life.”


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