Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Nurses, doctors are in COVID-19 war but you are busy in filing FIRs, Supreme Court to Delhi

The Supreme Court on Wednesday said that doctors and nurses are COVID-19 warriors and they needed to be protected.

“Nurses, doctors are in the COVID-19 war. But you are busy in filing FIRs. If you don’t treat the soldiers well then how will you win the war. You have suspended the ones who have shot a video of doctors. You are shooting messengers, doctor and paramedics,” The court pulled up the Delhi government over FIRs, suspension of doctors, medical staff for exposing facts.

According to Bar and Bench, the judges on the Bench proceeded to opine that the Government has to file a better affidavit on the actual COVID-19 situation in the NCR while taking critical note that its affidavit showed that “everything is excellent in Delhi” 

“You cannot try to suppress numbers. You cannot shoot the messenger which is what you are doing… You are sending a wrong signal”, Justice Ashok Bhusan said.


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