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Patna meet: Mayawati says parties like Congress, BJP not capable of implementing humanistic egalitarian constitution

As the mega meet of the 18 Opposition parties in Patna on June 23 gathers steam, Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati on Thursday said that the Patna meeting organised by Nitish Kumar “was more like joining hands, not hearts.”

The Dalit leader clarified her stance against an opposition alliance. “Dil mile na mile, haath milate rahiye,” Mayawati commented borrowing Nida Fazli’s words.

In her tweets, the veteran Dalit leader indicated that she was upset more importance was not given to leaders from Uttar Pradesh, which has the most number of Lok Sabha seats (80) and is key to the victory of any party or alliance.

“It would have been better if before preparing for such an alliance keeping 2024 Lok Sabha election in mind, these parties had cleared their mind and intention. In UP, 80 Lok Sabha seats are crucial but it does not seem so from the attitude of the opposition parties. Are they serious? Without the right priorities, will there be any change?” Mayawati tweeted.

“In a country suffering from inflation, poverty, unemployment, backwardness, illiteracy, ethnic hatred, religious violence etc., it is clear from the state of the Bahujans that parties like the Congress and BJP are not capable of implementing the humanistic egalitarian constitution framed by Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar,” said the former UP chief minister.

“Before any such meeting…it would have been better if these parties, to justify people’s faith in them, had come clean on their intentions. How long will ‘moonh mein Ram, bagal mein chhuri’ last?” Mayawati tweeted.

The popular Hindi proverb ‘moonh mein Ram, bagal mein chhuri’ roughly translates to fake praise and hidden intentions.

JD(U) sources said that Mayawati was not officially involved in discussions for the meeting, though there was an open call to all opposition parties to attend.


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