Sunday, December 10, 2023

Proctor disrupt Screening in AMU

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barricades near Bab-e-Syed in Aligarh Muslim Univesity during Candlelight march Photo: Shaheen/Maktoob

Documentary screening in the wake of the nationwide protest against Citizenship Amendment Act gets disrupted from proctorial staff in Aligarh Muslim University. Student protestors were screening ‘Hitler’s rise to power’ and ‘Stateless (on Assam NRC)’ on the eve of New year near Bab-E-Syed – the main gate of the university.

Students were sitting on a silent protest at Martyr’s tree and a signature campaign was also held to protests CAA, NRC and NPR in which hundreds of students took part. Proctorial team, under the orders of Proctor, did not let the students connect the projector and speaker with electricity supply. The students then made alternate arrangements and started the screening. Before the documentary screening, the Proctor arrived and forcefully took away the projector.

Earlier in the day, the Proctorial team had forcefully taken away the speakers arranged by the student for addressing the gathering at the protest site. ‘We condemn this action of Proctor and seek his immediate resignation’ says the press statement released by ‘Students of Aligarh Muslim University’.

Students allegate that Proctorial guards came with batons and tried to intimidate them. The campus is shut down after a brutal crackdown on students on December 15 which caused dozens of casualties and a series of the arrest.

Students shouted ‘Collaborators go back’ says witness. Tensions between Students and Administration have escalated since Vice Chancellor Tariq Mansoor took charge. VC defended the police attack by saying that they were called in ‘good faith’. Students have pledged to push their best to remove the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar after their inhumane approach and blatant betrayal towards the students.

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