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Ram temple consecration: TISS Mumbai warns students against holding protest gatherings 

A notice issued by the registrar of Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai asked students not to organise or participate in any public program opposing the Ram temple consecration.

The circular published on Thursday stated that the administration had decided to officially prevent any such activities after having heard that a group of students were planning to protest against the Ram temple event.

Students have been asked to refrain from any gatherings of dissent failing which the “law-enforcing agency” will take action against those who violate the warning.

“We advise all students not to indulge in any such unauthorised activities and we also strictly warn students not to participate in any such activities or demonstrations, failing which the law-enforcing agency will take necessary action against those students found indulging in such activities. Please take urgent note of the same and take care of yourself,” the notice read.

So far, no student organisation inside the campus has announced public meetings or demonstrations in connection with the Ram temple issue. 

Students criticised the threatening tone of the circular saying it is arbitrary and undemocratic as the administration’s motive is to prevent students in advance from exercising their freedom of speech inside the campus premises.

“The inauguration of the Ram Temple event serves as a public relations event for the Narendra Modi government at the centre, the Yogi Adityanath government in UP, and various Hindutva militant groups. University authorities should not function as mouthpieces for government or Hindu nationalist public relations,” Fraternity TISS responded to the notice in a social media statement.

The statement also stressed the need to revisit the abominable historical trajectory of Ram Mandir movement and Babri Masjid demolition.

“The construction of the Ram Temple on the site of the demolished Babri Mosque, associated with a history of violence where over 5000 Muslims were killed during the Ram Temple movement, is a significant concern. The January 22 event is not just a temple inauguration but a “victory event” symbolising an Islamophobic and violent anti-Muslim campaign,” read the statement.

The consecration ceremony of Ram temple at Ayodhya is scheduled to take place on Monday, January 22.

The temple stands where the Babri Masjid, which was torn down by a mob of Hindu nationalists on December 6, 1992, earlier stood.

The construction began after the Supreme Court of India on 9 November 2019 ordered the entire land to be allocated for the temple, granting amnesty to the perpetrators of the demolition.


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