Monday, December 11, 2023

“Sanatan Dharma is nothing but code for caste hierarchical society,” says Congress’ Karti Chidambaram

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Reacting to the BJP’s hate campaign against DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin over his speech against Sanatan Dharma, Congress leader and MP Karti Chidambaram said that the Sanatan Dharma is nothing but code for a caste hierarchical society.

“Sanathana Dharma is nothing but code for a Caste Hierarchical Society. All those batting for it are hankering for the Good Ole Days! Caste is the Curse of India,” he wrote on X.

He added: “In the common parlance of TN “ Sanathana Dharma” means Caste Hierarchical Society. Why is that everyone who is batting for “SD” comes from the privileged segment who are beneficiaries of the “Hierarchy” There was no call for “Genocide” against anyone, this is a mischievous spin.”

This comes a day after Udhayanidhi Stalin stated that he firmly stands by every word he has spoken.

“I spoke on behalf of the oppressed and marginalized, who suffer due to the Sanatan Dharma,” DMK leader said.

“I never called for the genocide of people who are following Sanatan Dharma. Sanatan Dharma is a principle that divides people in the name of caste and religion. Uprooting Sanatan Dharma is upholding humanity and human equality,” read Udhayanidhi Stalin’s post on X.

Udhayanidhi was responding to BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Malviya, who has been frequently accused of making false claims and promoting hate campaigns, alleged that the DMK leader was calling for the genocide of the 80% population of Bharat who follow Sanatan Dharma.

“I am ready to present the extensive writings of Periyar and Ambedkar, who conducted in-depth research on Sanatan Dharma and its negative impact on society in any forum,” added Udhayanidhi who is the son of DMK chief and Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin.

“Let me reiterate the crucial aspect of my speech: I believe, like the spread of diseases like COVID-19, Dengue, and Malaria by mosquitoes, that Sanatan Dharma is responsible for many social evils,” he said.

He further said that he is prepared to confront any challenges that come his way, whether in a court of law or the people’s court.

“Stop spreading fake news,” Udhayanidhi said.

Union home minister Amit Shah, who was addressing a rally in poll-bound Rajasthan, said that Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statements show that opposition bloc INDIA “hates Hinduism.”

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