Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sikh shrines open doors to survivors of Anti-Muslim violence in Delhi

As Delhi witnesses anti-Muslim violence that has so far claimed at least 23 lives and left hundreds of others injured, Gurdwaras are offering help to Muslim families fleeing violence in the Indian capital.

According to a report in India Times, members of the Sikh community are not only patrolling with their neighbors of the Muslim community to ensure that no one from outside attacks the latter’s homes, but many Gurdwaras — places of assembly and worship for Sikhs — are also giving shelter to the Muslims of violence-infested Delhi.

“A Gurdwara has given shelter to Muslim families fleeing Hindutva mob in northeast Delhi,” journalist Aditya Menon tweeted.

Novelist Nilanjana Roy tweeted that she had come across news from one part of the city wherein a Gurdwara had opened its doors to anyone who needs shelter and Dalits blocked the roads against Hindutva mobs, sheltered their Muslim neighbors.


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