Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Jewish pilgrimage in Tunisia cancelled amid war in Gaza

An annual Jewish celebration at Tunisia’s Djerba synagogue has been called off due to the genocidal war in Gaza.

The head of the organising committee, Perez Trabelsi, told that the annual pilgrimage has been reduced to limited rituals inside the temple, and only a very small number of pilgrims are expected to arrive, Reuters reported.

“How do we celebrate when people die every day?,” he added.

Djerba, an Island known as a holiday destination, hosts Africa’s oldest synagogue and the annual pilgrimage.

Usually, thousands of Jews come from Israel and several European countries to attend the religious event.

Though largely Muslim populated, Tunisia is home to one of North Africa’s largest Jewish communities. The total Jewish population accounts for 1,800 people, Jews have lived in Tunisia since Roman times.

This year’s Jewish pilgrimage is scheduled to take place at the end of May


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