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Shame on Kerala police and administration for such treatment of innocent students: Shehla Rashid

JNU Students union vice president Shehla Rashid and AISA national president Suchetha visited sio workers who were brutally attacked by Kerala police. Shehla strongly condemned the police attack against students who demanded the removal of Apa Rao and immediate release of HCU students from jail. She said that the police brutality at Calicut is a sheer abuse of law and students must be released. 

Shehla Rashid wrote on Facebook:-

Comrade Sucheta De, National President of AISA, CPIML leader Comrade Venugopalan and I, along with comrades from RMP, who were hosting us locally, met the five injured student activists of SIO who are hospitalised in Calicut. They were mercilessly thrashed by the police and have also been charged with Section 153A (inciting communal sentiments), along with the arrested students. The girls and the minors have been given bail, but the others have been remanded to 14 days judicial custody! This is sheer abuse of law and must be condemned and resisted. The local MP and MLAs should intervene in getting the charges removed. How can students be charged for inciting communal sentiments when they are simply protesting for their fellow students in HCU? In all probability, these charges will not even result in a charge sheet, but work fine as a harassment tactic. Shame on Kerala police and administration for such treatment of innocent students


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