Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Hadiya: Police Prevents Medical Team , Saying Father Denied the Permission

Police prevented a team of doctors and human rights activists who were visiting Hadiya today. Solidarity Youth Movement led the way for the group who arrived at Hadiya’s home.

The Kerala police hampered the doctors’s visit saying Hadiya’s Father Ashokan unacknowledged it. However the copes didnot have an answer when the group enquired if Hadiya is interested to meet the team. Although, they contacted the DGP and PA of Pinarayi Vijayan ,Kerala Chief Minister , their response wasn’t postive either.

At the same time, some of the journalists chided against the medical group who wigged the point that the National Women Commissioner had visited Hadiya yesterday and why is it that only you are so particular in her matter. The journalists reproached if you want create unnecessary worries and problems in the scenario.

PA Pouran, KK Koch, KK Baburaj, Swami Vishwabadrananda Shakthibodi , PM Salih , CT Suhaib and Afeeda Ahmed were also accompanied along with the leaders of sio and gio, who attempted to visit Hadiya.


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