Thursday, May 23, 2024

Kathua rape: Fake news spread via BJP IT cells and Muslim hunt of left government during the people’s hartal in Kerala

The Sangh Parivar has got ahead to spread the fake news about a temple being attacked during the Kerala Harthal, called against brutal rape and murder of eight-year-old Muslim girl of Kashmir. The party has taken advantage of the post-harthal events in order to bring a picture of communal riots being staged in Kerala. Amidst the harthal scenes, RSS center which was attacked is now wrongly being shared as Hindu Temple in Tanoor.

“Major destructions in Tanoor, Malappuram; Vakkad Temple attacked” is the headline of the fake news story that is being spread across. While in actual terms the RSS center located between Vakkad Padayath and Ashaanpadi in Tanoor was attacked.  The paintings, pictures, and lights in the RSS building devised easier ways for the fake news to escalate. Perhaps BJP men including the National Executive Member PK Krishnadas has advantageously used these pictures to replicate the fake story.

Meanwhile, Kerala police have been constantly torturing the active participants of the Hartal, called through Social media. A group of youth irrespective of organization joined together and actively supported the Hartal in Kerala as their voice against the Sangh Parivar. Around 900 people have been arrested from Malabar for participating in the hartal.

15 of these protestors have been charged in Koduvally, Calicut with their crime said to be religious hatred. According to 153A, they have been put behind bars. The Hartal has received a different sort of reaction from the state as well as the police that was never before seen for any other party invoked Hartal. A widespread arrest is still happening in the state. Fake news stating those behind the hartal are Muslim terrorist groups are spreading throughout the BJP IT cells and even CPM cyber pages.


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