‘Want to go home, running out of food,’ migrant labourers hit streets in Kerala

As nationwide coronavirus pandemic controlled restrictions enter fifth day, hundreds of migrants took to streets this morning in Kerala’s Kottayam, seeking transport services to go to their hometowns.

Many migrants alleged that they had been managing food with their own money and were unable to carry on anymore.

“Our money is running out, how will we buy water and food? We want to go home,” Shubham, a twenty five year old from West Bengal’s Malda told media.

“We had watched on TV that buses had been arranged for laborers in Delhi. Why can’t the Kerala government arrange transport for us?” one protester asked.

The migrant labourers’s main demand is that they want to go to their natives.

“Our families back in homes are also crying for us,” Shubham added.

Policemen were seen trying to control crowds in videos recorded on mobile phones as hundreds gathered on roads.

The migrants dispersed about two hours later after repeated appeals.

Earlier Kerala government has assured accommodation and food to the migrant workers till the 21-day lockdown, which includes meals in the community kitchens.

“Their primary demand was that they wanted to return to their homes after they saw buses were being arranged in other states. But that’s not possible. Whatever else they require, we shall provide. We have identified places where they can stay,” Kottayam Collector PK Sudheer Babu told reporters.

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