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UP government bans Halal-certified food products

The Uttar Pradesh government on Saturday, 18 November, imposed a ban on halal-certified food products in the entire state.

“The manufacturing, storage, distribution, and sale of halal-certified food products are banned with immediate effect,” read an order issued by the UP Food, Safety and Drug Administration Commissioner Anita Singh.

Besides food products, drugs, medical devices, and cosmetic products with halal-certified labels will incur legal action, according to a separate UP government order.

“Action will be taken against the concerned person/firm under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and related rules,” the order read.

However, an exemption has been made for halal-certified food products meant for export.

The ban comes after a case was filed by Lucknow Police on Friday, 17 November, against a few organisations that were reportedly issuing halal certifications for retail products.

Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind Halal Trust CEO Niaz A. Farooqui termed the campaign against halal tag as misleading and unfavourable to the national interests. In a clarification note issued on halal certification process, they argued that the manufacturers’ requirements for both export purposes and domestic distribution in India largely depend on their certification, and the global demand of halal certified products is not to be neglected. 

“It is also a matter of choice of individuals and manufacturers preferring to certain certifications for their own satisfaction based upon the credentials which the certifying authorities enjoy. It saves large number of consumers from using products which they do not want for a variety of reasons and ensures availability of need based products in the market. Those who do not want to use such products are free not to use them,” they said in the statement. 

Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind Halal Trust’s Halal Certificates are recognized by different governments and authorities all across the world including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, SASO and all GCC countries. Total volume of halal certified trade stands as a significant $3.5 trillion industry, and India benefits from its promotion in exports and tourism, particularly with our crucial trade partners in the OIC countries and Southeast Asia.

“Addressing misconceptions surrounding Halal Certification remains pivotal. As evidenced by the Kerala High Court’s observation on the necessity to understand the concept of Halal, we stand committed to clarifying and upholding the integrity of our operations,” they added.

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