Wednesday, December 6, 2023

With love, to Gaza

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Medical staffs at al-Shifa Hospital move premature babies to a safer place as their department has been invaded by large numbers of lsraeli occupation soldiers.

Amidst crumbling walls and cities’ cries, Gaza’s sorrow reflects in the skies.

Failure to protect innocent is a shared burden, for every tear, my heart is burdened.

In life’s fierce battle, where needs compete, for water, for food, a daily feat.

Amidst the void of medical care, tears and blood, a face’s despair.

Never forgotten, never forgiven, the pain etched deep, in a life striven.

The oppressor, in victim’s guise, shall find no absolution in deceit’s disguise.

Though mighty as Genghis Khan’s reign, the highest court, none can disdain.

None, regardless of strength or flair, can elude the reckoning fair.

Within Gaza’s streets, where rubble lies, echoes the cries as death defies.

Unforgiving, sparing none’s embrace, old, young, children, all in its chase.

Mothers clutching lifeless forms, children weep in solitude’s storms.

A genocide’s mark, never to fade, in silence, a shared guilt cascade.

On the occupied land, blood’s stain, it seeps, not solely theirs, but each failure keeps.

In Gaza’s skies, bombs assail, targeting mosques, schools without veil.

Yet, in your heart’s sacred cove, beliefs endure, unscathed, and strove.

How will they shatter it? 

My eyes can’t shut, thoughts tangled in rue, guilt deepening for what I couldn’t do.

History’s pen won’t erase or reprieve, Israel’s illegal occupation and the supporters’ weave.

Gaza, your homeland, will find its way, one day, in freedom’s ray.

Free, resound the cries, even might falters, your land defies.

From eldest to the youngest heir, Gaza’s claim, a legacy to bear.

In Gaza’s broken paths, cries resound, their voices persist, echoing all around.

Each one of us haunted by their plight, their echoes relentless, day and night.

In your world of shadows and fears, my child, I stand by you, my heart in tears.

For the times I fell short in making it right, I’ll fight and strive, day and night.

You’re mine and I’m yours. My commitment secure, in this shared battle, our safety’s allure.

From a distance far, a powerless vow, no children of my own, I avow.

All that I earn, a solemn decree, for Gaza’s children, their education free.

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