Wednesday, November 29, 2023

#BottleCapChallenge ‘blows’ social media

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Unscrewing a bottle by kicking it may look crazy unless it becomes a challenge and after all the weird things social medias have made us do, comes the new #BottleCapChallenge.

although finding the origin of such challenges are tricky. the trends Started when MMA fighter Karo Pashikyan who gave a back kick to the bottle in the centre of the frame and opened it.

Hollywood star Jason Statham took the challenge to a whole new level as scores of Celebs across the globe reacted to his video posted in Instagram.

The bottle should not fall or break during the act as the kick should only brush the cap and unscrew it.

In India, Akshay Kumar kicked off the challenge officially with many other following the trend.

IP man fame Donnie Yen destroyed others with a blindfolded effort.

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