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A sneak peak to ladies compartment

Thoughts – Tenaaz Mohazin




Disclaimer to my “wide open mouth” which accompany the deep sleeps on my way to college. Monday mornings are my only encounter with ladies compartment mates , hence they being lucky to bear my fat sleeping face once a week.These journeys, you know, you can condense it and take home the positive air if you open your eyes and ears to the lanterns beside you. It’s like a lesson which feeds in the valuable gestures of a common man’s existence.

Keeping my cravings aside ,what this write-up all about is an overview of how we miss to appreciate and embrace the working women of this busy society. The real point is about the lovely ladies, mothers and even grandmothers who rush from their homes to step on the squeezingly pealed compartment.It requires real will power to repeat the process of am to pm sweaty and tiring journeys to make a living, to be a financial aid or to be called a working women. No doubt the reason why their snack boxes smell so good even in my half sleep. There is a portion of it in the school kits too , I visualise. Either way these women stamina requires a big applause from family, colleagues and even from the co-passengers.

Obviously the super super women (as told in Ki&Ka) who go hand in hand as a working women and as an home maker comprise a good number of Indian working class society.But the government initiatives to facilitate better transportation and working conditions are unsubstantial. After all they are striving and existing in a financially discriminated society.

However there is always immense happiness on seeing a baby right onto your face in the jammed trains, or to see people cooperating to arrange space for the rest or to listen to the stories of above said working women. Their early morning positive vibes doesn’t only deserve a good attention but is a motivation drive too.

On raising my head from my phone , I see tired eyes and pity efforts of holding sleep on their feet and few heads on to the android screens to simply escape from the different sweats around. Ultimately for them its a brand new day tomorrow, with the old “Yathrakarude shraddhakk” announcements and a few delay arrival “regret” messages too.

In the end, a moment I caught this week while writing this article will be worth expressing.Its nothing but the excited women faces as that of school kids who wave ‘tata ‘to their friends fore vacations. The ladies have all greeted Onam and Eid wishes and departed in the loudest sounds.


Tenaaz Mohazin – Freelance columnist , Bmmc student , Farook Collge , Calicut


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