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Kozhikode gets young ‘neighbouring’ shutterbug, Akiya Komachi

Starting on November first, the photo exhibition of young photographer Akiya Thanisha Komachi titled “Neighbouring” will be showcased in Lalitha Kala art gallery, Kozhikode. As the name suggests, the exhibits are a collection of photos clicked in her neighbourhood featuring birds and nature as centre subject.

In the collateral beauty of ordinary things which we can see every day, the young photographer tries to convince the viewer about the little things around us. In about 50 frames, ‘Neighbouring’ looks for the symphony of nature in our surrounding. The bugs, butterflies and birds on the branches reclaim the notions of home, which the new concrete parks cannot offer to us.

Born to the famous photographer Ajeeb Komachi and Jaseena, Akiya was introduced to photography in an early age. The sharpness in her technical skill makes each frame showcase the talent of the young shutterbug. Raised as youngest to Akhil Komachi and Aghin Komachi, both acclaimed photographers, Akiya is guided to work with professional camera kit for photography.

Akiya Komachi is a student of sixth grade in Venerini English medium higher secondary School in Feroke. The exhibition will continue till Sunday, the fourth of November.


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