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Sudani from Nigeria in its fourth week ; must watch for experiencing love

Tenaaz Mohazin

Out of the many enthusiasts  who had decided to watch the movie’s first show, was me too. Sudani from Nigeria in its third week is successful running with tightly packed theaters. Fortunately or unfortunately, my intensive temptation towards the film resulted to my chance for ticket to Sudani from Nigeria lately. Indeed very late. As a keen reader of its every review, exciting viewer of songs, promo videos and interviews, Sudu had already got into my heart. And during my eager wait, the complex statements of Samuel Abiola Robinson, its further explanation by the producers and then the solution embarked inside me like a three act structure- setup, confrontation and solution. Hence when my eyes were relishing the apologetic scene between Manager Majeed and Sudu, it was amusingly like a deja vu.

As far as the controversies are considered, I felt both (on screen and off screen) at heart. Miss communication and abrupt reaction. Nigerians and their poverty. Malayalees and their water habit. Malappuram and their love. Ummachees and their Quran classmates. Friends and their acquitted conversation. Muslim girls and their academical progress. Why was every bit in the movie so accurate, I wondered while strikingly loving the cinema.

It’s been a year since my farewell from a campus occupied by generous people, mostly from Kozhikode and Malappuram districts study, work and reside. At such an instance came Sudani all the way from Nigeria. I was sure I would see the kind of friends and their mothers in the movie. And when I finally got to watch it, was a hearty blast. Every scene had something reserved so specially. Undoubtedly, it was the distinctness of Malabaris, especially of Kozhikode and Malappuram.

Dialogs like “we play football not to earn, but earn for playing it” and “why is it that now I am left alone? ” followed by Muthukaka’s idea of selling the football club ingenuously signifies love. Perhaps the aching relationship between Majeed and his Father injects a kind of grief which did ultimately offer a sincere end to its audience. There is genuineness spread across ,hence Sudani from Nigeria is a must watch for experiencing love, innocence and Malappuram.

Tenaaz Mohazin is a post-graduate student of journalism , Kannur University


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