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‘ Do not enter. Girls below 10 years reside here.’ Posters ban BJP men from entering homes in Kerala

The after effects of the  rape and murder of an eight-year-old muslim girl in Jammu Kashmir’s Kathua district is felt in the Chengannur constituency, where a bypoll will be held shortly. Several posters demonstrating protest against BJP were hung outside the houses in Chenghannur.

The posters state “A girl less than 10 years of age lives in this house. BJP men, who are here to ask for votes, please do not enter”, “Put your notices and requests outside the gates. BJP men please do not enter. Girls less than 10 years of age resides here. “…

There are several more posters which are hung in the houses of Alappuzha district since Friday evening. And such a move have been receiving massive supports across social media platforms. The photographs of the posters went viral on social media.

The 18 page Chargesheet which was presented on April 9th revealed shocking occurrences. It says that the cruel agenda was performed by 13 Brahman families in Kathua village of Kashmir for urging out the 20 Muslim families from that place. Nationwide protests, slogans and candle lights are raised demanding justice for Asifa Bano.

BJP Ministers including Lal Singh and Chandra Prakash Ganga had publicly supported the accused and also affronted the victim. “ A girl has died. What is the need for such an extensive investigation. There are many women who are dying here”, was their account. Chawdry Lal Singh , the agricultural Minister and BJP leader took part in the march organized by The Hindu Ekatha Munch, a terrorist group , for the
cause of protecting the accused.

On these accords, the shock and tremor has resulted to massive rallies and protests across the nation.


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