Thursday, April 18, 2024

Kerala teenager corrects Apple; gets $2500 prize money, enters hall of fame


KS Ananthakrishnan, a computer engineering student from Kerala’s Alappuzha has been inducted into Apple’s esteemed hall of fame for discovering a significant security flaw in the iCloud service and icloud email users were vulnerable to this flaw.

A significant security hole in the server of iCloud, the cloud-storage and cloud-computing service of Apple was found by Ananthakrishnan.

The security flaw was discovered in January, and the Apple engineers were informed about it. The problem was resolved by the Apple developers, but Ananthakrishnan discovered that not all server accounts were affected by the update After Apple fixed the flaw, it was identified that it applies only to newly created accounts. Ananthakrishnan once more told apple about these latest findings.

The hall of fame is released once Every 3 months, by spotting security flaws in Google, Facebook, and Github earlier, Ananthakrishnan was inducted into their respective Halls of Fame.

Ananthakrishnan, a final-year computer engineering student at Pathanamthitta Mount Zion Engineering College, has founded a start-up company with colleagues in the field of cyber security. He belongs to both the hacker organisation Def Con Trivandrum and the Kerala Police Cyberdome.


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