Sunday, May 19, 2024

Canadian Hindu nationalist calls for killing of Muslims, Sikhs in India

On early Friday, a clip went viral from Canada in which Ron Banerjee, Executive Director of the Hindu Conference, called for mass killings of Muslims and Sikhs in India.

The clip is from a Canadian-based youtube channel known as ‘Beat of the North’. 

In the video, Ron Banerjee made extremely hateful and genocidal comments against the vulnerable religious minorities of India. The clip quickly drew condemnation and rights’ groups started demanding action against the Hindu nationalist leader.

Ron Banerjee identified himself as a “hardcore Hindu nationalist” and stated he would like PM Narendra Modi to rule Canada and India.

“He (PM Modi) kills Muslim terrorists. He kills Sikh terrorists. It’s awesome what Modi is doing,” Banerjee gloats.

The Hindu Nationalist further said, “I support the killing of Muslims and Sikhs in the Republic of India because they deserve to die.”

Meanwhile, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) took note of the hate speech and issued a statement.

NCCM tweeted, “We are disgusted but not shocked as a well-known virulent racist spouted foul and hateful messages once again that are now circulating on social media.”

“Islamophobia and other forms of hatred and racism have had deadly consequences in our country. Those who traffic in such hatred, again and again, have to be held accountable for their actions.”

“We call on the @TorontoPolice to act swiftly and lay the appropriate charges under the hate speech sections of the Criminal Code. The language utilized clearly seems to meet the high threshold laid out in the Criminal Code,” stated NCCM. 

Canadian Senator – Salma Ataullahjan said, “This vile racist Ron Banerjee openly saying on the streets of Toronto he supports the killing of Muslims and Sikhs, and facing no repercussions is horrifying. If we are truly united against hate and #Islamophobia what action will Toronto Police be taking?”

A statement from the Toronto Police is awaited. 


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