Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Charu Majumdar is no Memory but a Living Presence

Chittibabu Padavala

Today remarks the forty-seventh anniversary of Charu Majumdar’ death. He was tortured and killed in police lockup.

A name comparable only to Bhagat Singh’s, as one leader of Virasam recently said. Charu Majumdar’s message and legacy, however, still strike terror in the hearts of all forces of the status quo and the establishment, not least for all the parliamentary leftists for the last half a century and those “legal Naxalites” now poised to hijack and tamper his iconic name.

Even today, the only incorruptible and consequential leftist force in India is his invention and gift to the world.

It is futile but impossible to avoid to think about what the father of the Indian Revolution would make of the contemporary Hindu Nazi condition. It is his rightful heirs who are the least perceptive of the danger of Hindu Nazis all the while paying the most price for it. However, the Indian Maoists/Naxalites have been actually the most victimized single group (probably with the partial exception of Lalu Yadav’s), even in the hands of the liberals and parliamentary leftist regimes. In a tragic irony, it was USSR which was responsible for the so-called Encounters (extra-judicial killings) as not being recognized as Genocide!

While it is true that there are no significant differences among the conduct of various political dispensations when it comes to Naxalites, thus justifying the Naxalite inability to distinguish between the CPM, Congress, and BJP, this criminally stupid case of “subjective empiricism” of Charu Majumdar’s political descendants next only to Muslime Elites and Clerics in refusing the abilities and resources in fighting the Hindu Nazis.

We will never know what the great revolutionary would tell his followers now what to do with the Hindu Nazism. His concerns were completely different in his time for leaving us any hints to build on. His avowed followers could have considerably reduced, if not stopped altogether the premediated Muslim and Dalit lynchings even with a single press statement.

No other person or political force shook up and redrew the conceptual, political and intellectual map of India like Majumdar and his followers did by bringing the periphery to the center and leadership position. That was a positive act of reconfiguration. Bringing the Hindu Nazis to the center of attention by remapping the political enemy is still due.


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