Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Topic: Democracy

Interview: “Real trouble with Indian democracy rests not with minorities, but with tyrannical impulses of majority,” says historian Aishwary Kumar

In this interview, against the backdrop of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, Aishwary Kumar talks to Maktoob about the crisis of democracy in India. The interview focuses on the rise of the Hindu right and the majoritarian appropriation of the Constitution and democratic processes, legitimising and crafting a popular indifference towards the atrocities committed against Muslims and other minorities.

Bihar: Shifting political alliances and the morality of vote

Bihar for the last decade, has witnessed constant fluctuation in political alliances. Amid this coalition politics, two parties namely RJD and JDU have always been at the center of negotiation. Rotationally, these parties have been ruling Bihar for the last three decades, backed with an alliance formula, based their ideology on the principle of social justice and the emancipation of the oppressed. 

April Theses: On Democracy, Anti-caste politics, and Marxisms in India

We should be clear about the order of imminence for India in this election. The fact that such orders of imminence are neither divined nor destined is the insight of Marxist theory. The experience of imminence—what may befall us—is given through our collective responsible practice of reason.

Democracy is at stake as India gears up for national elections

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent speeches has expressed confidence in coming back to power for a third consecutive term as the...

How AI could take over elections – and undermine democracy

Archon Fung, Harvard Kennedy School and Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University Could organizations use artificial intelligence language models such as ChatGPT to induce voters to behave...

NCERT drops chapters on periodic table, democracy, energy sources from Class 10 textbooks

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has dropped the chapters on periodic table, democracy and sources of energy from Class 10 textbooks.